Explaining the unexplainable

You wake up at 4am drenched in sweat. Other people tell you reality takes a minute to hit but for you it punches you fresh in the face… your partner is dead.

I am constantly analysing my dreams since my Marky died. They try to fix puzzles, to solve the mystery… where did he disappear to? Where did he go? Why did he suddenly vanish? How do I process this?

I am two years into this and my dreams and nightmares remain the same. My mind is trying to fix this, solve this, come up with an answer somehow. In some of my dreams he is a missing person, in others he is dead, in others he is dead but has come back to life, in others he has left me and we haven’t talked in years, in others he is dead and remains dead but can communicate with me, in others he is dead but doesn’t realise and can’t understand why I am so affected by his death that never happened, in some he is dead and has returned and cannot understand why I am so paranoid about him dying again.

My mind has thrown up every possible scenario about where my beloved has gone. They all ache. The traditional stages of grief (which were originally about people dealing with their own death, not others) did not tell us that the idea of acceptance of death is really so misinformed. I can stare you straight in the eyes and tell you my Marky died. I saw his dead body. I kissed his cold forehead and whispered to his dead corpse that I would love him for eternity. I saw his body lowered into the ground by his friends. I took earth into my palms and scattered it in the ground. I know he is dead… but tell that to my dreams? They will not believe you.

I have spoken to many fellow widowed friends who have found the same, our minds seem to confront us with every rational possibility of what may have happened to them in our dreams. Disappearance? Check. Vanished? Check. Cheated? Check. Argued? Check. Died? Check… but how? Found by MI5 for a crime? Check. Living a double life? Check. Died and then came back to the living? Check. Died but has to be careful about death? Check. Died but came back as a different form? Check. Died but came back and died again? Check. Check Check. Check. Check.

What is acceptance? I can tell you he is dead, but evidently my mind is playing tricks on me and is still trying to explain his sudden disappearance from my life.

My mind has thrown up every possible scenario about where my beloved has gone. Because nothing explains it. Nothing will ever explain it.

7 thoughts on “Explaining the unexplainable

  1. I’m 14 months into the same nightmare as yourself. Your words describe this journey beautifully and strangely comforting to know these thoughts and dreams of our loss are shared by others. When I feel lost and alone I play the Beyonce song ‘running’ I find these words sum up that endless searching feeling.

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    1. Hi Penny, thank you so much for your comment and firstly let me apologise for taking so long to reply. I am glad my words have brought you comfort as that’s exactly what I hoped would happen by writing my blog. It does seem strange, but I too, particularly in the early part of grief, found it extremely comforting to read others words, no matter how dark they appeared… as you say, there is a strange comfort in it. Music can be a great help too! Much love xxx


    2. Been nearly 3 years and my head still doesn’t know how to handle the loss. Keep putting one step in front of the other and I am getting somewhere..but where and or what or why I do not know.


    1. I’m reminded of a comment someone made about how awful it is when people say “life goes on” so we have to go on too… as if there’s any choice… of course life goes on, it simply does, it is fact no matter how much we wish it weren’t. Much love to you xxx

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