Here are some articles and links that I have found very helpful.

WAY – Widowed and Young – WAY is a support group for anyone who has lost their partner when they were under 50. Whether married or not or whatever sexual orientation. This charity has been endless amounts of help and support to me and helped me connect to people who understand. There are many sub-sections for unique support also; I am part of the widowed and very young (for those under thirty) and widowed and young without children groups.

How you can help me – A piece by an unknown author – This is a beautifully written piece about how friends and family can help through this grief journey. I encourage everyone to read it as it puts some parts of this grief into words perfectly.

The End by Anders Nilsen – “The End is a collection of short strips about loss, paralysis, waiting, and transformation.” Anders Nilsen is a graphic artist who lost his fiancée to cancer. His book is a collection of drawings he made within the first year of his grieving journey. This book has helped me immensely. His drawings manage to show this pain so simply and so effectively… how nothing in the world makes sense anymore, how you are a broken person, trying to make sense of everything when nothing makes sense. The maze of questions of “who am I now?”… the fragmented parts of trying to live and do mundane things while existing with this pain, imaginary conversations with his partner in which she keeps reminding him “I don’t know, I’m dead, this is what you’re thinking.” There is something that simply hits just the right chord for this kind of pain in this book. I recommend it for anyone who has lost their partner or for anyone who would like to understand it more.

Three Radical Reasons to Be Okay with Not Being Okay – “Optimism has its place for sure, but there is no substitute for being present with our feelings”. A piece about how to manage our feelings when not feeling okay, to sit with the pain and experience it rather than try to push past it or avoid it with positivity. It can be incredibly releasing to feel our pain without censoring it.

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